Nutritional Advisory Board

Why do we have a Nutritional Advisory Board?

While developing OASE Hair Vitamins, our mission was to create natural Soft Gums with a delicious blackcurrant flavor that could be enjoyed universally. To achieve our goals we reached out to the top experts of the wellness and nutrition field and created a Nutritional Advisory Board (NAB): a team consisting of the brightest minds in the food and gummy industry.

The carefully select members of the OASE Nutritional Advisory Board have extensive expertise in a range of fields from ingredients, to health, hair, gummy production, nutrition, and much more. They have served as a guiding light, sharing with us their knowledge and latest the developments in the field, enabling us to develop the world's best Hair Vitamin Gummy.

With their help and expertise, we have created the OASE Soft Gums, with a patented formula that makes them delicious without sacrificing the integrity of its benefits.

Meet the Board 

Dr. Alessandra Pepe (PhD)

Dr. Alessandra Pepe (PhD)
Doctor of Philosophy in Food and Environment from University of Pisa

Dr. Pepe is responsible for the safety of the ingredients in our Soft Gums. She conducts various tests to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness. All test results can be found in our release notes per batch.


Drs. Ziad Ben Snaiba (MSc)

Drs. Ziad Ben Snaiba (MSc)
Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology

Ziad Ben Snaiba collects all possible online data in an ethically responsible manner in order to gain insight into the results and opinions of our customers. He then feeds this data back to the rest of our advisory board allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to our hair vitamins based on this data. All adjustments can be tracked in our release notes.

Justin Regterschot (CEO)

Justin Regterschot (CEO)
Justin Regterschot conducts all business operations related to OASE. He is ultimately responsible for all decisions that are made. He has a lot of experience in the e-commerce industry, specifically in running an online market leader in the field of hair problems in The Benelux.